Software Factory’s Documentation


Software Factory (also called SF) is a collection of services that provides a powerful platform to build software.


Software Factory integrates services covering each step in the software production chain:

  • Version control and code hosting,
  • Code review system,
  • Pipeline manager,
  • Test instance manager,
  • Task tracker,
  • Collaborative tools,
  • Repository metrics,
  • Log management, and
  • System metrics

Software Factory offers a seamless user experience with:

  • Single Sign-On authentication, on every authenticated service,
  • Unified REST API,
  • Top menu to access all the services quickly, and
  • Command line tool and a web interface.

Software Factory simplifies system operations:

  • A single sfconfig command to deploy all services,
  • Backup and recovery process,
  • Integrated instance monitoring, and
  • Software upgrades.