What is the added value of Software Factory ?

Here are some advantages of using Software Factory:

  • Software Factory is a Continuous Integration and Deployment system that works out of box, with everything ready to be used after deployment.
  • Software Factory helps enforce the latest best practices in Continuous Integration.
  • Software Factory’s configuration is treated as code that is versioned, reviewed, tested and can be rolled back for any change.
  • Users are automatically and consistently authenticated on each service with Single Sign-On.
  • Software Factory can be fully backed up, restored, and upgraded automatically through its tested processes.
  • Software Factory can be deployed anywhere: baremetal systems, LXC, KVM or on OpenStack via Heat.
  • Software Factory is fast to deploy (3/5 minutes on a local system, 15 minutes with Heat).
  • Software Factory runs worker nodes on demand on an OpenStack cloud, which can reduce effective testing costs.