ELK service

Software Factory bundles an ELK stack to ease search through job’s logs artifacts. Once activated, job’s console of every build are exported through logstash and then available to the search via Kibana.

A Software Factory user might want to export more artifacts than the job’s console. Indeed a job may generate additional log files. In that case a custom zuul post-run job must be defined. In order to do so a user must refer to Export logs artifacts to logstash

How to activate

These services are not deployed by default but can be activated by adding the following components in /etc/software-factory/arch.yaml:

- elasticsearch
- logstash
- job-logs-gearman-client
- job-logs-gearman-worker
- kibana

Then running:

# sfconfig

The Kibana interface should be accessible via the Software Factory top menu under the name Kibana.

Manage indices

Query the list and usage of index using:

curl http://elasticsearch:9200/_cat/indices?v

Delete old/unused index using:

curl -X DELETE http://elasticsearch:9200/INDEX-NAME