Software Factory 3.8


The Software Factory release 3.8 features the last Zuul and Nodepool versions.

Every other services are now fully containerized and distributed as container images:

This release will be maintained until the next version: Software Factory 4.0. SF 4.X will be distributed as a k8s operator.


Here is the documentation of the 3.8 release.

Release Notes (2023-02-23)

Containers images

Here is the list of services versions provided as container images.

  • cgit = "1.2.3"
  • etherpad.master = "1.8.17"
  • gerrit.master = "3.5.4"
  • gerritbot.master = "0.4.0"
  • github-ssh-key-updater.master = "0.0.4"
  • grafana.master = "9.2.6"
  • grafyaml.master = "0.0.9"
  • hound.master = "0.5.1"
  • influxdb.master = "1.8.6"
  • telegraf.master = "1.24.4"
  • keycloak.master = "19.0.1"
  • lodgeit.master = "0.3"
  • logserver.master = "4.9.3"
  • managesf.master = "0.30.0"
  • mariadb.master = "10.3.28"
  • mosquitto.master = "2.0.14"
  • murmur.master = "0.2.20"
  • nodepool.master = "8.1.0"
  • opensearch-dashboards.master = "2.4.0"
  • opensearch.master = "2.4.0"
  • zookeeper.master = "3.8.0"
  • zuul-client.master = "f96ddd00fc69d8a4d51eb207ef322b99983d1fe8"
  • zuul.master = "8.1.0"
  • postfix.master = "3.5.8"
  • purgelogs.master = "0.2.0"


Here are changes in the sf-config repository since Software Factory 3.7.

  • Adding conditional for zuul-web check on grafana postconfig stage
  • Use new mysql container version
  • [opensearch-dashboards] Ensure backup dir exists; change backup host
  • [mysql] Enable increase innodb_log_file_size and innodb_buffer_pool_size
  • Use last Zuul container release
  • Add option gerrit_use_truststore
  • sf-keycloak: quote passwords in parameters
  • Add condition to verify that stdout item exists
  • Change url path for Opensearch Dashboards
  • Render zuul_api_url as python list
  • Use last container image release for Zuul
  • Set host network binding for some services and contenerized tools
  • Fixes - After d/s upgrade
  • Remove Opensearch Dashboards autologin feature
  • Use zuul_client container bump
  • logserver: fix when condition for jinja is not allowed
  • nodepool-builder: revert run container as nodepool user
  • sf-config: display auth-related warnings after upgrade
  • Bump to zuul 8.1.0-1 container
  • Bump Nodepool to version 8.1.0 release version 1
  • Update Api Json body for Grafana-InfluxDB connection
  • Bump Logserver to release version 2 and fix proxypass
  • Remove log-gearman-client and log-gearman-worker leftovers
  • Fix minor issues following upgrade with production data
  • Some fixes - crons absents, /var/run/mysqld, backup zoo etc
  • Bump Nodepool Builder to version 8.0.1 release version 1
  • Bump Purgelogs to release version 1
  • bump zuul container version
  • Bump InfluxDB to release version 2
  • Bump Cgit to release version 3
  • Do not add obsolete defaults for authentication
  • ManageSF commit
  • Simplify upgrade tasks
  • [ci-log-processing] Pin logscraper and logsender container image version
  • log-processing - specify the default tenant name
  • [ci-log-processing] Add gidmap parameter; changed ca cert for logscraper
  • Bump container release for zuul and nodepool
  • Update Cgit container to release version 2
  • Bump Gerrit Service to 3.5.4
  • sf-grafana: bump version to grafana-oss:9.2.6
  • sf-telegraf: use telegraf container based on Centos 8 stream
  • sf-gerritbot: Add condition to create dummy channels.yaml file
  • Fix bad password for zuul opensearch connection zuul user
  • Improve ci-log-processing role; drop old elasticsearch user credentials
  • Use the last managesf version
  • Adding path for task that verify if Opensearch Dashboards secret exists
  • Fix zuul audience not being set properly in auth tokens
  • keycloak: clean up themes, do not set self registration and password reset
  • kc - ensure shared cache feature is disabled
  • sf-managesf: remove task to delete service file for managesf package
  • config-update: create {tenant_name}_zuul_admin role if it does not exist
  • Remove cauth from keycloak
  • Remove all keycloak's conditionals
  • Add feature to provide additional settings for container roles
  • sf-container: remove warning message for deletion
  • Use managesf container 0.29.0
  • Removing file due to hook being removed
  • keycloak: create "zuul_admin" role, disable groups mapper for every OIDC client
  • remove a call manage/services_users
  • Remove usage of sfmanager in sfconfig
  • Remove the second Keycloak Icon on the landing page
  • gerrit: import only localCA cert in the container truststore
  • Update managesf container to 0.28.0
  • Bump keycloak to 19.0.1
  • Bump Opensearch and Opensearch Dashboards to 2.4.0
  • This change removes cauth from sf-config
  • make Keycloak the default SSO
  • Fix for packaging, handling unknown users
  • OpenSearch: fix keycloak integration
  • Grafana: add TLS configuration for keycloak auth
  • bump version for zuul to 8.0.1, for nodepool to 8.0.0
  • Do not remove python3-gunicorn when installing logserver role
  • managesf container: provision known_hosts for local gerrit
  • Remove ARA role from the base post-run
  • [ci-log-processing] Change gid and uid for logscraper and logsender
  • Remove wrong queue config from Zuul 7.0
  • Renaming Opensearch Dashboards service name for Landing Page icon
  • Prevent Gerritbot service to loop on restart
  • keycloak: Allow anonymous GET access to manage/v2/resources
  • Fix logs fetching for keycloak, gerrit, zookeeper, hound
  • sf-zuul: bump zuul version to 7.1.0
  • Adding the Landing Page Icons for Keyclaok and Opensearch Dashboards
  • Remove uneeded failing tasks due to "'" in commit messages
  • Print out sfconfig args before run
  • Ensure managesf package installed on the managesf node
  • Fix path for purgelogs service
  • sf-zuul: bump version to 7.0.0
  • sf-ui: add keycloak service info to display in the UI
  • Revert "Add zuul ssh config for FIPS"
  • managesf: managesf container should not be installed on ze instances
  • managesf: Ensure podman is used to 'Create initial resources' task
  • Add zuul ssh config for FIPS
  • populate_hosts: only populate reachable servers
  • Restart Mysql container when fqdn is changed
  • Add option to enable httpd server-status
  • sf-zuul: bump version to 6.4.0
  • sf-zuul: Add zuul-fingergw service
  • Add use_public_ips and public_ip variable in arch.yaml
  • Move Managesf into a container
  • Remove unused packages
  • sf-mysql: ensure all databases are created
  • Add gerrit SSH key updater service
  • Bump Opensearch and Opensearch Dashboards services; update Zuul image
  • [opensearch] Add permissions for API calls via client; add grafana support
  • Bump gerrit container to release 4
  • Remove deprecated configuration keys
  • Ensure zuul and nodepool services are enabled
  • Move Logserver into a container
  • Add retry logic for zuul-changes dump
  • Lodgeit Container Upgrade
  • Post commit for renaming elk stack roles; increase delay time
  • Removing mosquitto package at install stage
  • Move Mosquitto into a container
  • Bump Zookeeper service
  • sf-zuul / sf-nodepool: Update to the latest version 6.2.0
  • Move InfluxDB into a container
  • sf-container - when service file updated then restart service
  • Rename Kibana to Opensearch Dashboards
  • Change condition for external opensearch alias
  • Change Elasticsearch role name to Opensearch
  • Update gerrit container release
  • Move missing Kibana url to https
  • Move Cgit into a container
  • Enable container service; fix gerritbot issue
  • Improve ci-log-processing role
  • Move Hound into a container
  • Moving Container deletion from Disable to Erase stage
  • Add missing variables to sf-log-processing; fix template
  • Move Gerritbot into a container
  • Use Elasticsearch role when Opensearch role provided
  • Remove logstash service
  • Move to the new log workprocessing workflow
  • Remove skip-auto-update property from services components
  • Move Lodgeit into a container
  • Move Murmur into a container
  • Remove skip-auto-update property from services commponents
  • Recreate container when configuration file changed
  • Bump Gerrit to 3.4.5
  • sf-keycloak: reactivate MQTT event listener
  • keycloak: convert value field of user_attribute if needed
  • Move Keycloak into a container
  • Gerrit: configure SSL keystore
  • Move Mariadb into a container
  • sf-gateway: fix Alias for acme-challenge
  • sf-zookeeper: remove unsecure client port
  • Checking Grafana Health
  • Move Zookeeper into a container
  • handle keycloak when doing a config update
  • Change Grafana container user and group mapping
  • Move Grafana into a container
  • sf-nodepool: create "{{ nodepool_lib_dir }}/.aws"
  • Add a zuul-client wrapper, config generator utility
  • Bump nodepool container image
  • sf-zuul: Add option to configure executor zone
  • Remove usage of yaml.load to safe_load
  • Fix when conditions and timeout for ensure_zuul_running
  • Move opensearch security plugin reconfiguration command to a file
  • Replace Curator service with Opensearch ISM policy rule
  • sf-zuul: remove useless step on update.yml
  • upgrade: recreate the container when needed
  • Check if Zuul is running before generate tenant update secret task
  • Allow to provide 'log_gearmman_ca_certs'
  • Rename roles//tasks/update.yml roles//tasks/config_update.yml
  • sf-base: exec seboolean only when selinux is enforcing
  • Allow Kibana viewer role to get content from global tenant
  • Update zuul container
  • Create commands for zuul and nodepool, delete aliases
  • sf-zuul: add export-keys and import-keys for backup and restore
  • Fix httpd Alias for sf docs
  • Remove task "Ensure local directory exists"
  • inventory: setup zuul-executor and merger using group
  • bump zuul and nodepool containers versions
  • config: refactor the zuul restart logic to only restart it once
  • nodepool: set --env HOME=/var/lib/nodepool for nodepool-builder container
  • sf-nodepool: Remove usage of 'recurse' for file module
  • Bump zuul version 5.2.2-1
  • zuul: force zk data cleaning when fqdn change
  • Bump zuul container version to 5.2.0-2
  • Use Zuul containers 5.2.0-1


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