Software Factory is a software development forge. Software Factory provides an easy way to get everything you need to host, design, modify, test and build softwares; all of this pre-configured and usable immediately. It integrates several main components such as Zuul, Nodepool and Gerrit to provide powerful Continuous Integration and developement workflows.

Supported releases

Release date System(s) Version Status Documentation
07 Jun 2019 CentOS 7, RHEL 7 3.3 Supported Quickstart
03 Dec 2018 CentOS 7 3.2 Supported Quickstart
03 Aug 2018 CentOS 7 3.1 End of Life Quickstart
29 Mar 2018 CentOS 7 3.0 End Of Life Quickstart
20 Nov 2017 CentOS 7 2.7 End Of Life Quickstart

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