Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We changed the OpenSearch version for testing the ci-log-processing project, due in the near future, we will update the logscraper host and by taking the opportunity, we will also trigger OpenSearch update + we scheduled upgrade date

Software Factory

  • We are working on sf-3.8 to provide Zuul and Nodepool 10.0
  • We validated SF 3.8 (minimal arch) can be deployed on rhel-9, the follow up will be to enable ci testing, but there is no migration path from centos-7 to rhel-9, backup/restore from centos-7 deployment will be needed
  • We finialised the Backup/Restore system
  • We bumped controller-runtime lib deps to latest
  • We proposed Proposed a cli command to get an insight of HIGH and CRITICAL issue on our sf-operator container images
  • We bumped the zookeeper image (report HIGH Sec issues)
  • We investigated how to enable SSO on top SF's web services
  • We updated doc for sf-operator