Below are the tasks we worked on during our last 2 weeks sprint:

  • We updated the etherpad version to include a security fix.
  • We continued the integration of gerrit-2.14 by removing deprecated code from managesf and sf-config.
  • We updated the Zuul package to the 3.0.1 version and added further requirements for the next releases (python-re2).
  • We have updated the rdopkg/dlrn SF packages and packaged the dlrnapi_client
  • We have finalized a first functional Zuul/DLRN roles for SF and setup a two nodes sandbox to continue the experiments. Architecture schema:
  • We finalized to test how to build rhel image with diskimage-builder for testing and found a solution to avoid to have the REG_PASSWORD in the config repo (explain in sf documentation)
  • We tested installing software-factory on rhel 7.4 and 7.5 using sf and openstack-pike mirror.
  • We have investigated how to handle the Dynamic loading feature of Zuul in SF via a taiga story:

Regarding upstream contribution to Zuul/Nodepool:

  • We reviewed the angular-v5 patch for zuul-web
  • We worked on the MQTT publisher Zuul driver
  • We updated ansible jobs (lint, review and upload-to-galaxy) zuul-jobs
  • We reviewed the Zuul container spec
  • Dynamic loading feature has been merged upstream and landed in 3.0.1