Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.

Regarding Software Factory:

  • We updated zuul, nodepool packages and their dependencies to the latest release versions.
  • We worked on a new Hands On Zuul blog post about using Secrets in jobs
  • We worked on a preprod environment to validate the next SF 3.2 release upgrade (4 nodes with an external SF tenant with a dedicated gerrit)
  • We are working to use vanilla CentOS image to run sf ci jobs
  • We have refactored and re-enabled our CI test for ELK - previous tests were not stable enough
  • We merged the username collision strategy handling. Operators can now decide whether to deny or differentiate users from different IdPs with the same username.
  • We started work on adding a SSH key to manageSF, in order to expose SSH-related features in the API.

Regarding our contributions to Zuul and Nodepool:

  • We worked on a Zuul's Pagure driver WIP - Some new RFE opened on Pagure
  • We updated the JWT spec. It should be reviewed after the Berlin summit
  • We submitted talks to CentOS Dojo, FOSDEM19
  • We sorted zuul-jobs per "value" to us as consumers, next sprint we will start adding testing of these selected jobs as a 3rd party CI for upstream.
  • We merged the kubernetes driver in Nodepool.
  • We fixed small issues with the new Zuul React web interface.