Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


Software Factory

  • We created a dhall-zuul package to enable a safer zuul configuration management:
  • We worked on branching the next version 3.5 of software-factory
  • We experimented new tools to simplify some part of the release process, such as updating rpm python dependencies version using pip resolver
  • We created some client library to interface with gerrit, podman, zuul and pypi:
  • we fixed the sf-tenants test that "disappeared" for a while, and needed an update following the switch to k1s
  • we implement backup and restore feature for Kibana
  • We created a fedora based container for X11 capture, which is useful with selenium testing in a headless fashion
  • We got some help to fix the github ssh key mapper with keycloak 10
  • We packaged keycloak 10 and 11
  • We've improved coverage on our keycloak related testing