Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We reported and validated a critical fix for the Zuul scheduler
  • We have proposed some patches on Zuul to improve the GitLab driver: push, tag support + depends-on support. The documentation has been proposed as well. We have managed to include some people interested about the driver.
  • [Demo] We've worked on some Quality-of-Life patches for Zuul and the web UI:
  • Filter/display builds depending on whether they're held or not
  • Display autohold requests
  • Allow filtering of nodes by label, provider, state and time spent in state
  • [Demo] We've restarted work on authentication in the UI from scratch:
  • Support for tenant-scoped identity providers
  • How-Tos explaining how to configure Zuul with google Auth or keycloak for user authentication
  • Dequeues can be triggered from the status page
  • We proposed to split the zuul CLI to be usable by tenant admin

Software Factory

  • We have validated and merged the dhall-nodepool integration in sf-config
  • We discussed the next step for SoftwareFactory 3.5 release and future roadmap:
  • We fixed zuul console streaming when running jobs in container
  • We configured prometheus monitoring for zuul queue length and nodepool image age
  • we setup udp-multiplexer on our sf infra - works well (it redirect nodepool statsd metrics to multiple destination hosts)
  • we patched repoxplorer so now is also supporting Elasticsearch 7.X
  • we've added testing for upgrades and migration from cauth to keycloak (they're failing for now!)