Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • Fabien zuul report driver for Elasticsearch is almost merged in community! (we will be able to create visualization with job duration in Kibana)
  • We worked on the Zuul scheduler HA feature and helped on replacing the fedora-30 labels by f32
  • Zuul-client corrective release 0.0.2 is out, the package is now installable from PYPI
  • We worked on enabling functional testing on zuul-client with zuul
  • We worked on new features for zuul-client: encrypt, build/buildset list and show, console-stream
  • We did upstream review of GitLab Zuul driver (multiple patches from a real user)

Software Factory

  • We improved the purgelogs script and made it a standalone project:
  • We investigated web technologies to replace the existing welcome page
  • We validated behavior and Landed Gerrit 3.2 in sf master
  • We experiemented with the check API of Gerrit + Zuul but gave up as the support is partial and won't allow us to remove the use of ssh stream
  • We almost finished changing the Elasticsearch stack to Opendistro