Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We investigated with issue related to the disk flooding. So far, we create a workaround for wait some time before push next logs
  • We proposed an alternative patch that will include performance.json fields in logsender that all doc will be in same index

Software Factory

  • We added upgrade tasks for sf-container role
  • We updated our infra to SF 3.7 as part of SF release process
  • we added zuul-client to sf master and 3.7 to cover bugs in zuul CLI introduced in 5.X
  • We were able to make Keycloak work as SSO with SF
  • We change all internal variables from Elasticsearch to Opensearch
  • zuul-weeder - We implemented Graph ingest for jobs and nodesets and a demo CLI
  • zuul-weeder - We implemented tenant and connection reading to create ability to filter config element by tenants