Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • ci-log-processing: We fixed issue related to wrong parsing performance.json file

Software Factory

  • We containerized the github ssh key updater middleware and are working on deploying it along keycloak.
  • We have created Lodgeit, Murmur and Mosquitto SF services for sf-operator
  • We containerized Mosquitto SF services
  • We added a standalone mode to the sf-operator to enable deploying resources without running kubectl apply first.
  • We updated zuul and nodepool to the latest version in sf-config
  • We updated the zuul-weeder service to better display periodic pipelines, see
  • We finally finished renaming elk stack to opensearch
  • We added diskclass resource that operator can be running on kubernetes not deployed on kind
  • We improved opensearch and opensearch dashboards in sf-operators