Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We added Elasticsearch exporter
  • We investigated using opentelemtry python SDK for the Zuul tracing specification

Software Factory

next sf release (sf-3.8)

  • We containerized the purgelogs service.
  • We added zuul-fingergw service on sf-zuul role for zuul-console
  • We fixed issue where zuul and nodepool services are not enabled during sf-config run
  • We containerized Logserver and Managesf SF services
  • We updated Opensearch and Opensearch Dashboards services to newest version
  • We have worked on the migration path from cauth to keycloak

SF-operator (sf-4.0)

  • We've added the setup for Gerrit to authenticate via Keycloak
  • We've added the setup to handle SSH key fetching via KC to Gerrit user account
  • We added initial system config to the sf-operator to be able to trigger test job.
  • We added a jaeger service to manage telemetry
  • We added a develop mode to restart the service using local source.
  • We added Lodgeit K8s Operator and started on Managesf