Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • zuul-client 0.1.0 was released.
  • We added few patches into the logscraper and logsender tool that we found during applying new ci log workflow into the sf-config project (empty zuul job list infinity loop and move arg parser params into the config file)
  • We create a docker account for opendev ci log processing project
  • We added a CI job that is creating and pushing the container images into the docker registry
  • We added a feature for logscraper to get some statistics that later will be available in Prometheus about job count

Software Factory

  • We have released tags for our custom keycloak extensions after validating they work with keycloak 15:

    • github-ssh-mapper
    • mqtt-event-listener
  • We worked on reactivating these extensions with containerized keycloak.

  • We worked on moving log gearman client and worker to use logscraper and logsender (ci log processing log workflow) and it will also remove logstash service

  • We are investigating how to deploy software factory on OpenShift using kubebuilder.

  • We Containarized Mysql

  • We've started to containarized SF Gateway