Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.

Software Factory

next sf release (sf-3.8)

  • We are working to bump grafana to 9.2.6 for sf-3.8, we builded grafyaml-ubi-8 container and are doing the integration right now
  • we implemented a way to create a {tenant}_zuul_admin role automatically in keycloak whenever a tenant is added in the resources. Zuul is then configured so that whoever holds that role is an admin on the tenant (web UI)
  • we worked on updating the documentation on SSO and user management
  • We have removed sfmanager usage removal from sf-ci
  • We have removed cauth related
  • We worked on a sf-telegraf role base on container for mitigate the telegraf repository issue:

SF-operator (sf-4.0)