Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We proposed a opensearch dashboards backup object tools

Software Factory

next sf release (sf-3.8)

  • We bumped opensearch and opensearch dashboards to 2.4.0 on sf-master
  • We bumped zuul to 8.0.1 and nodepool to 8.0.0 on sf-master
  • We took time to investigate CI flakyness
  • Most of the keycloak patch chain has been merged
  • We added support for default admin rules related to zuul tenants
  • We worked on doc update for the keycloak migration

SF-operator (sf-4.0)

  • We added Landing Page to SF Operator
  • We improved SF Operator Output
  • We fixed an issue with ingress traffic in Kubernetes
  • We proposed a change that is providing MetalLB traffic that can be used in the future deployment where ingress will be binding to the loadbalancer
  • We created simply test to verify service ingress
  • We added securityContenxt to some services and now is more stable
  • We wrote some ADRs (Architecture Design Records)