Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We reviewed the tracing spec implementation.
  • We import Lukas Piwowarski Opensearch Dashboards objects that contains visualizations and dashboard
  • We merged few changes related to subunit in ci-log-processing

Software Factory

next sf release (sf-3.8)

  • We added feature on sf-config to use public ip for services like zk for external instances
  • We added feature to not ssh-keyscan hosts in private clouds but which are part of the deployment
  • We made good progress on transitioning from cauth to keycloak - we're still seeing a few problems with tenant deployments but we are ironing out the bugs.

SF-operator (sf-4.0)

  • We've added the setup for Zuul to authenticate via Keycloak + default admin rules
  • We've added the setup for Opensearch Dashboards to authenticate via Keycloak
  • We've worked on having user authenticated via Keycloak to be able to get write access to opensearch indices
  • We enabled CI job that is validating sf operator with Kubernetes