Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We fixed issue in logscraper, that it was not downloading important files from the logserver (zuul-info/inventory.yaml), so the logsender was skipping the log directory
  • We added a OpenSearch Dashboards script thas is base on the script that we have in Software Factory project, but with few featues, for example: added support for AWS OpenSearch Dashboards
  • We set tags permissions for openstack/ci-log-processing project, so we will be ready to make a release after merging all content that is in review state
  • We splitted variables related to the ca certificates for logscraper and logsender because they might not use same CA provider

Software Factory

next sf release (sf-3.8)

  • We removed all keycloak's conditionals and cauth mentions
  • We fixed Gerrit container 3.5.4 reviewers-by-blame plugin and added zuul-results-summary plugin
  • We fixed highlight Cgit feature
  • We updated SF documentation for 3.8 release
  • sf-docs : We removed an option from sfconfig command: provision-demo
  • We set several containers to user a dedicated user instead of root
  • We fixed some obsolete auth parameters being injected in sfconfig.yaml (remnants from previous upgrades sanitizing) when upgrading to 3.8
  • We validated various patches and did some manual testing for the 3.8 release
  • We started the release process of 3.8 and got a candidate