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The k1s hypervisor might not work properly after update Centos instance and after upgrading Software Factory Project to the new release recently.

If the hypervisor is not working as expected, we suggest to downgrade the podman package from package podman-1.6.4-32 to podman-1.6.4-29.

To verify if your deployment is affected by the issue you can run the following command:

echo test | podman exec -i interactive-test cat

To install previous podman package version, you can execute command on k1s host:

yum downgrade podman-1.6.4-29.el7_9.x86_64

The Software Factory team has reported that issue to the podman community, but the patch is not released yet. In the future, when the bug is closed, we will create new release that is removing temporary workaround.

You can find more information about the issue at