Software Factory 3.3


  • Software Factory can now be installed on RHEL-7 or as usual on CentOS-7. The installation process for both systems is detailed in the operator documentation.
  • ELK stack is version 5.6.
  • Service tenant deployment has graduated from tech preview to fully supported.

You can find all git statistics for this release on Software Factory's RepoXplorer page.


Here is the documentation of the 3.3 release.

Release Notes (2020-02-27)

The repository has been updated to contain a new version of Zuul to address the recent add_host security issue.

Updated Packages

  • rh-python35-diskimage-builder-2.28.2-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-3.10.2-4.el7

Release Notes (2019-09-19)

The repository has been updated to contain a new version of Zuul to address the recent synchronize security issue.

Updated Packages

  • rh-python35-zuul-3.10.2-1.el7

Release Notes (2019-09-18)

The repository has been updated to contains the rh-python35 and openstack-queens repositories missing from the latest Centos-7.7 release.

Updated Packages

  • sf-config-3.3.6-2.el7
  • sf-release-3.3.3-5.el7

Release Notes (2019-09-10)

The repository has been updated to include a new component named k1s that will be used to replace runc in the next release. This is still under developpment and it shouldn't be used until further notice.

Updated Packages

  • python-testinfra-3.1.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-cheroot-6.5.6-1.el7
  • sf-config-3.3.5-2.el7

New Packages

  • rh-python35-k1s-0.0.1-1.el7

Release Notes (2019-08-15)

The repository has been udpated to include the latest Nodepool and Zuul version. Update your deployment by running: "sfconfig --update" on the install-server.

Zuul features a new interface to view the build results, however it has some minor issue and thus it is not activated by default in this update. Here are the instructions to give it a try:

  • Add the generate-zuul-manifest role next to the ara-report in the config/playbook/base/post.yaml playbook.
  • Add this tenant option to the resources file, for example:
# In the config/resources/_internal.yaml, add:
        zuul/web-root: https://<fqdn>/zuul/t/local/
        zuul/report-build-page: true

Updated Packages

  • bubblewrap-0.3.3-1.el7
  • patternfly-react-ui-deps-1-6.el7
  • rh-python35-diskimage-builder-2.24.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-nodepool-3.8.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-keystoneauth1-3.16.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-openstacksdk-0.33.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-os-service-types-1.7.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-oslo-config-6.11.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-rfc3986-1.3.2-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-sphinxcontrib-httpdomain-1.7.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-3.10.1-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-executor-ansible-26-2.6.18-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-executor-ansible-27-2.7.12-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-jobs-0.1-0.17.20190812git6e865fa.el7

New Packages

  • rh-python35-python-sphinxcontrib-openapi-0.4.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-executor-ansible-28-2.8.3-1.el7

Release Notes (2019-06-07)


  • Replace M2Crypto by python-crypto
  • Support for groups from Identity Providers (SAML)
  • Add local groups support in cauth


  • A new options attribute is available in the project resource object. It will be used to pass options to services like Zuul, repoXplorer, cgit


  • Add software factory installation on RHEL-7 documentation
  • Add nodepool documentation to build RHEL-7 nodepool instances


  • Remove centos release requirement, theses repos are now installed by sfconfig to support both RHEL-7 and CentOS-7 OS.


  • Add missing ansible-lint to runC/_linters-packages.yaml
  • Add zuul_operator authenticator in zuul.conf.j2
  • Allow operator to fetch groups from SAML2 IdP
  • Ensure repoxplorer indexer stopped before dumping the config in EL
  • Reactivate repoxplorer and wipe indexes
  • Set HOME env var for DLRN API wsgi file
  • Set Verified and Workflow to Admin/PO to let them access submit ref/meta/config
  • Set path the git credential helper in repoxplorer config
  • Some addition to sf-config when repoxplorer or hound are activated
  • Store job console logs in /tmp
  • Add build_set into
  • Add group config file export to cauth in config-update
  • Cgit: do not require component when config locations are remote
  • Cgit: enable local-cgit repo to be configured
  • Config-check: Remove unneeded options passed to remote-validate
  • Config-repo: fix synchronization to remote host
  • Config-update: replace fetch by synchronize
  • Etherpad: handle v1.7 css
  • Fix: loop for pubkey renaming
  • Gerritbot: add support for remote gerrit service
  • Install-server: fix tenant deployment gerrit_connection name
  • Inventory: remove the sync installed version tasks
  • Logstash: add filter to normalize zuul console logs
  • Managesf: move resources apply to the managesf role update task
  • Managesf: use the prev-commit resources argument
  • Nodepool: always generate config on config-update
  • Nodepool: make the provided clouds.yaml group readable
  • Nodepool: set statsd configuration through environment variable
  • Openshift: adapts the playbook for ansible-2.7
  • Openshift: do not use add_host in deploy-project step
  • simplify files deletion
  • Ssh: enforce sshd configuration
  • Upgrade: remove the installed packages list file
  • Zuul: prevent deployment issue when scheduler is not defined first
  • Zuul: rename to
  • Zuul: set post pipeline to supercedent and add github_gate_review

Updated Packages

  • cauth-0.15.0-4.el7
  • etherpad-1.7.5-1.el7
  • managesf-0.21.1-7.el7
  • mod_auth_pubtkt-0.13-1.el7
  • patternfly-react-ui-deps-1-4.el7
  • python-gear-0.11.0-2.el7
  • python-log2gearman-0.1-5.20171211gitc646602.el7
  • python-sfmanager-0.5.1-4.el7
  • rh-python35-ansible-2.6.9-1.el7
  • rh-python35-diskimage-builder-2.23.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-dlrn-0.10.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-dlrnapi-client-0.5.2-1.el7
  • rh-python35-enable-py3-0.1-3.el7
  • rh-python35-nodepool-3.6.0-2.el7
  • rh-python35-rdopkg-0.49.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-3.8.1-3.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-jobs-0.1-0.16.20190606git29cb8bb.el7
  • sf-config-3.3.3-2.el7
  • sf-docs-3.3.1-1.el7
  • sf-release-3.3.0-1.el7

New Packages

  • gitolite3-3.6.7-7.el7
  • libgit2-0.26.8-1.el7
  • perl-IO-Socket-Timeout-0.27-1.el7
  • perl-PerlIO-via-Timeout-0.29-1.el7
  • perl-Redis-1.978-1.el7
  • perl-Test-SharedFork-0.35-1.el7
  • perl-Test-TCP-2.17-2.el7
  • perl-generators-1.08-6.el7
  • rh-python35-python-beautifulsoup-4.7.1-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-distroinfo-0.3.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-elasticsearch-6.3.1-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-gunicorn-19.9.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-jsonpath-rw-1.4.0-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-logutils-0.3.5-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-pecan-1.3.2-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-ply-3.11-1.el7
  • rh-python35-python-webtest-2.0.33-1.el7
  • rh-python35-repoxplorer-1.5.1-1.20190430.49d9a10.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-executor-ansible-25-2.5.15-2.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-executor-ansible-26-2.6.17-1.el7
  • rh-python35-zuul-executor-ansible-27-2.7.11-1.el7


The packages are signed with this key: E46E04A2344803E5A808BDD7E8C203A71C3BAE4B -

Hash: SHA1

1baa16f892865974416464cc95b0493018ed9f2a8f5a4bc3a0b8256a0b46b09e  sf-release-3.3.0-1.el7.noarch.rpm
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