Below are the tasks we worked on during our last 2 weeks sprint:

  • We enabled the code-search service on the production deployment
  • We branched stable/3.0 to start working on the next version 3.1 on the master branch.
  • We started to work on tenant deployment for ansible-network connected to a central zuul/nodepool service
  • We improved the gerrit REST api access to use Cauth API-KEY instead of basic http password. This was needed to make the next Gerrit version works as it doesn't have the external_ids database table SF is using for service management.
  • We investigated adding a "reenqueue" button to the zuul builds page, using the zuul web admin patch.
  • We investigated triggering autoholds with a comment in gerrit.
  • We refactored the documentation to have a clear view for each main landing page (operator, user, contributor and faq). We also added pages to describe all components not described in the previous documentation (elk, metrics, hound, repoxlorer ...)
  • We've continued to remove jenkins references in sf-config and to ensure all tasks are in the right role.

Regarding upstream contribution to Zuul/Nodepool: