Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.

Regarding our contributions to Zuul and Nodepool:

  • We've prepared a test of zuul-jobs' upload-to-pypi role using devPI (PyPi staging server standalone pypi deployment). What's left to do is to add it to upstream's third party CI.
  • We've answered comments to the JWT spec for Zuul. We need to clarify what is expected for the JWT's generation (delegated or handled by Zuul)
  • We started discussion about Zuul config introspection, Openshift support and Zookeeper replacement with etcd on zuul-discuss list.
  • We updated the openapi definition and added a SwaggerUI component to the web interface.
  • We have prepare a working pagure instance based on master to validate the Zuul Pagure driver. The driver has been updated an support a single project check/gate/post workflow. An update blog post has been published

Regarding Software Factory:

  • We worked to add RHEL support for Software Factory. The next Software Factory release will support both RHEL and CentOS.
  • We released SF version 3.2.
  • We worked on integrating Pagure in SF to test the new Zuul driver: packaged missing dependencies and added configuration roles.
  • We gathered requirements for distro-jobs using DLRN, rpmreq and zuul.
  • We added a resources project switch to deactivate code-search/cgit/repoxplorer indexation by project/repo