Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.

Regarding our contributions to Zuul and Nodepool:

  • We reviewed the new zuul-registry project.

Regarding Software Factory:

  • We fixed an issue we have with sf-ci jobs on rhel, we adapted our roles to ensure rhel repos are used to install openshift on rhel-7 instead using upstream origin mirror.
  • We bumped Zuul and Nodepool.
  • We fixed some issues related to the use of the last master of SF due to the Centos 7.7 mess.
  • We proposed and merged a solution to get the last rawhide to provision the rawhide Nodepool image
  • We added Fedora 31 to Nodepool but need a new change as it was the image under the test directory and F31 is now released officially.
  • We started to integrate the virt-customize builder in sf-config.
  • We experimented using prometheus for the monitoring.
  • We setup node-exporter on the new vexxhost and used linear_prediction to create better alarm about available resources.
  • We investigated a custom exporter for journald event.