Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


Software Factory

  • We added port-forward to k1s service to implement zuul console stream from pod
  • We tested clean-check removal from zuul pipeline with good success
  • We've continued to work on keycloak integration, replacement for SF cauth:
    • keycloak RPM updated to 9.0.0
    • manageSF: the REST API is protected by mod_auth_openidc & the resources engine can fetch a JWT to authenticate on a remote manageSF
    • sfmanager: the CLI can fetch a JWT on keycloak & user related commands are deactivated if keycloak is the SSO
    • grafana: user login via keycloak
    • gerrit: after investigating the REST API auth, I feel the best solution is just to enable the default flow, ie allow users to set API password in settings.
    • next steps: repoxplorer integration, SSH keys sync, Zuul GUI, multi tenant deployment support (TBD)