Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We discussed zuul-operator implementation with upstream and finally agree on:
  • We worked on making zuul-jobs compatible with kubectl connection
  • We had improvements to the openidconnect driver merged
  • We worked on adding templating in the admin rules: the keyword {TENANT} can be used in rules definitions and replaced by the context's tenant when checking authZ rules.

Software Factory

  • we worked on preparing managesf for integration with keycloak:
  • we removed all old code related to Storyboard
  • we investigated mod_auth_openidc
  • we've packaged yaml-cpp since this dependency was missing after discarding ROD's openstack repositories
  • we're preparing managesf for a seamless switch from cauth to keycloak
  • we discussed sf-3.5 roadmap to better integrate with the new sf-infra system as well as an eventual sf-operator