Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We reviewed Zuul and Nodepool changes
  • We investigated an issue with zuul tenant resources metrics related to held node:
  • We investigated using source event instead of websocket for zuul console stream:
  • We continued implementing the zuul-runner specification
  • we've updated the admin web ui changes for zuul
  • we've added an Autoholds/autohold page in the web UI.
  • we helped community to fix script after pypi community change the bootstrap script url

Software Factory

  • We fixed issues related to upgrading sf-3.5 to sf-3.6
  • We improved the welcome page
  • We created the sf-3.6-candidate repository and prepare the main release repository
  • We discussed a roadmap for software factory version 4
  • We improved kibana backup script
  • We improved Kibana configuration after bumping to new version