Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We fixed issues related to Diskimage builder for bulding RHEL (python3-PyYAML was missing) and Centos/Fedora ( + fbo change for Elasticsearch reporter in Zuul has been merged o/
  • We rebased the zuul-runner changes, some more work is needed on the CLI
  • zuul-client 0.0.4 released
  • we added the "create-auth-token" and "show running-jobs" subcommands to zuul-client
  • we fixed a bug where zuul doesn't handle autohold requests on gerrit patches with number < 10 correctly
  • we added support for pyjwt 2.0 in zuul, after the major pyjwt release broke zuul for Christmas

Software Factory

  • We validated the Gerrit upgrade with production data for SF 3.6
  • We reworked the sf-config patches to enable the Zuul Elastic reporter in SF since it merged upstream
  • We refactored sf-nodepool role to improve how logs files are served with httpd when multiple launcher and builder.
  • We released a new version of logreduce (0.6.0) featuring a functional interface to enable various customizations.
  • We added gate testing for zuul-images-jobs pipelines, used by the new containers-update pipeline.
  • We updated the Dhall packages and froze all the dependencies for zuul, nodepool, openstacksdk, prometheus and ansible.
  • We reworked the default zuul tenant configuration to be more ergonomic with the bootstrap-your-zuul project:
  • We work on packaging Zuul base on upstream code to remove including patches into the spec files
  • we fixed zuul's badges endpoint not working properly on SF zuul and on fedora's rpm .
  • We Fixed Zuul + Gerrit + Postfix error messages when Zuul and Gerrit are deployed on different nodes: