Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We reviewed the pending Zuul spec.
  • We added prometheus probe to the Zuul operator
  • we worked on zuul web API error pages
  • We worked on fixing logsender performance.json file due there was some changes in performance.json file and it fails on sending it to the Opensearch

Software Factory

  • We started to integrate the config-update job into the sf-operator
  • We containerized Hound, Cgit, InfluxDB and LogServer
  • We are currently developing sf-operator and added Lodgeit and Murmur SF services
  • We changed name of elasticsearch role to opensearch
  • We added opensearch component in sf-operator
  • We removed logstash service from sf-config project and it has been replaced by sf-log-processing role
  • we started writing a middleware to synchronize ssh keys between keycloak and gerrit in go