Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We reviewed some zuul changes
  • We propose a change for zuul related to the elasticsearch driver to send the docs to the Opensearch as integer fields instead of string

Software Factory

  • We improved the microshift driver integration for nodepool by supporting multiple context and namespace
  • We investigated sf-ci flakyness
  • We added a new sfconfig command line entrypoint to deploy the sf-operator
  • We wrote an ADR for config jobs and finish the implementation using Ansible tasks
  • We've completed work on the configcheckjob resource, needs merging
  • we have experimented with the mariadb operator on microshift, confirming that it works with minimal effort
  • We added jobs on the config repo to use ./tools/sfconfig microshift to deploy microshift on 9-stream instance
  • We are working to add multinode ci job for sf-operator-dev job
  • We are finishing to work on sf-4-alpha-2 and grommed sf-4-alpha-3
  • We set Logserver at root url
  • We updated Documentation on who to install Software Factory Operator
  • We improve the way we deploy new versions of Software Factory Operator:
    • Add each new version to the Catalog Index
    • At each new repository tag