Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


  • We fixed issue that logsender was not removing old directories
  • We updated services on host

Software Factory

  • We modify how CI jobs and sfconfig command run, now both use the same playbooks and variables are loaded during play instead having variables defined in multiple places
  • We added the bits needed for 9-stream in setup-env roles
  • We experimented with a custom resource to handle config-checks [Demo maybe]
  • We can now adjust logserver's loopDelay, retentionDays in a CR, the changes are reconciled automatically.
  • We start installing Software Factory via Catalog Source and Subscription and We now, generate operator's bundle, operator's catalog and operator container images, publishing then into a registry
  • We fix the Software Factory Operator's bundle versioning problem realted to Operator's upgrade process
  • We fix the lack of log files in Zuul Web UI
  • We created several subcommand for our sfconfig cli command (operator delete, operator create, sf delete)
  • We changed the logserver logs directory to the root url
  • We start to write the README file for the end users
  • We worked on configuring microshift and nodepool to validate running containerized job on the microshift instance
  • We added a feature to spawn pods on the microshift node via nodepool
  • We removed the support for managesf related commands
  • We extracted the Gerrit service but keep it as a side service for CI and DEV
  • We ensured that the Managed resource (SoftwareFactory) can be spawn w/o a config repo setup
  • We experienced with TLS on the route with custom cert:
  • We wrote an ADR to write up current understanding and proposal
  • We added support nodepool-launcher config-update