Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.


Software Factory

  • We added support for custom gerrit connection secret: RHOSZUUL-1635, and proposed new cr validation logic:

  • We defined the milestone 6 and closed milestone 5

  • We released sf-operator 0.0.20 to 0.0.23

  • We improved the support of the custom CA trust in init-containers

  • We documented how to configure a 'config' repo on Gitlab ttps://

  • We proposed an update on how to mount Zuul source tree

  • We explored the feasibility of reducing the size of the Zuul JS bundle

  • We worked on the CLI overhaul (one binary to rule them all): we reworked and improved most dev-related commands. Some changes are still in review but once merged, we will cut out the legacy CLI.

  • We moved Zuul images from Stream9 to UBI9

  • We started to check how to export/import zuul keys from to

  • We did a little fixes and improvements:

    ** Remove getStorageClassname function

    ** Improved log messages regarding Storage size when it was trying to decrease storage size

    ** Set LogServerStatus and SoftwareFactoryStatus structures derived from the same base structure

    ** Fixed some docstring for improve documentation

    ** Enable GitLab support for the SF's config repo

    ** Renamed ConfigLocationSpec to ConfigRepositoryLocationSpec

    ** Fixed trigger variable for a Zuul connection being squashed