Below are the tasks we worked on during our last sprint.

Regarding Software Factory:

  • We have fixed Gerrit replication issues for a couple projects in
  • We have cleaned up the old nodepool configuration from
  • We updated the zuul packaging to accomodate the new React interface.
  • We published a blog post about using Kubernetes as a Zuul resource provider with the Nodepool driver:
  • We wrote a zookeeper housekeeping script to help recover from rdo-cloud outage.
  • We worked on upgrade procedure to reduce services downtime.
  • managesf - code cleaning
  • managesf - refactoring resources call to remove shell script and fix potential issue with gunicorn timeout at apply. We now have a managesf-resources CLI.
  • Zuul Hands-On gate pipelines article published
  • We continue to validate vexxhost to run tripleo-ci jobs. We have deployment issue, probably because we use ceph on vexxhost and local storage on rdocloud. Vexxhost will provide flavors with local storage today for testing.
  • We have a small PoC for integration of the tenant-scoped zuul API
  • We have added new official centos cloud image (CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1808) to sf-prod glance, integration with Zuul jobs in progress

Regarding our contributions to Zuul and Nodepool:

  • Started to investigate a Pagure driver for Zuul - Some issues open on Pagure to improve the API (Already scheduled for next Pagure release)
  • we've submitted a "final" draft of the tenant scoped web API spec: but due to Ansible Fest, feedback has been low.
  • Fixed zuul React interface publication jobs, it should land in soon.